Soap Boxes

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A Copper Soap Box-155
Provenance: Ayntap-today's Gaziantep in the South-Eastern part of Anatolia.
Dimensions: Height:14 cm, Width:13 cm, Length:19 cm.
Age: Nearly 100-125 years old.
Owner: "Zahide" can be read in Ottoman scripts.
Info: As it is mentioned in the master's seal both in Armenian and Ottoman scripts " Garabed Arslanyan" is the maker.The piece was used as a former beauty case for women as they visited the public bath,the "Hammam".Inside the box they carried soup,comb and washing materials.As a part of the tradition ,men never had these pieces.The pierced bottom part is to drain the water.The box is sitting on four cast brass legs.Garabed Arslanyan is a part of these legendary group of master's of copperware in Ayntap.
Status: Available
A copper soap box-150
Provenance: From the South-Eastern part of Turkey
Dimensions: Height 19 cm , Width 13.5 cm , Length 21 cm.
Age: Between 80-100 years old.
Owner: Not mentioned.
Info: It is made of copper tinned on the surface.It was used as a beauty case by women on their way to the Turkish bath.
Status: Available
A brass soap box-136
Provenance: From the Eastern part of Turkey.
Dimensions: Height 14 cm Width 14.5 cm Length 21.5 cm
Age: Around 80 to 100 years old.
Owner: Not mentioned.
Info: It is made of brass.It was used as a beauty case by women when they went to the Turkish bath.The bottom is pierced for drainage.
Status: Available